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A fully engineered solution
designed to mount a fabric structure
and other load bearing structures.

Allshelter® – a leading Australian shelter manufacturer since 1999
– has developed the WrkBox®.

The WrkBox® is a fully engineered, modular and customisable shipping container alternative perfect for a wide range of uses in the mining, construction and industrial sectors

Shelter and storage
without compromise

Made from heavy duty steel and clad with corrugated iron, the WrkBox® can stand alone, be double stacked or joined together, and easily customised to suit your storage and operational needs on your worksite.

Pre-fabricated accessories can be added such as access doors, windows, roller doors, side opening, fabric shelters, solar panels, stairs, services and more – all without compromising the structural integrity. Plus, the WrkBox® is delivered flat-packed and is fully modular, so it can be bolted together onsite without any welding! The WrkBox® delivers beyond the benefits of shipping containers with none of the compromises.

The opportunities are endless!

From a simple storage shed to comfortable accommodation, customise the WrkBox® for 101 uses:

Site office or
staff room

First aid

Workshop or
tool shed

or showers

Training or
meeting room



Gym or
training room

Café, kitchen
or canteen

Chemical or
dry storage

Ideal for mounting Allshelter® fabric shelters as well!

Why choose the WrkBox®?

The WrkBox® is a more flexible, safer, reliable and higher quality alternative to a shipping container. As load bearing structures the WrkBox® is engineered with the capacity to mount other structures, such as fabric shelters. The WrkBox® delivers a massive range of benefits:

Endlessly customisable

Easily customise with standard or third party accessories such as access doors, windows, roller doors, stairs, internal cladding, solar panels and cable trays.

Sustainable & cost-effective

Flat pack delivery reduces transport weight, volume, emissions and environmental impact compared to bulky pre-built containers – shipping is also much cheaper!

Configurable floor plan

Available individually in 6m, 12m, 18m or 24m lengths, or double stacked and joined in flexible orientations in 3m increments to create your custom space.

Ideal for remote sites

Easily installed and customised onsite, the WrkBox® can be shipped to all corners of the country. It can also be disassembled, moved and reused at other locations.

Simple, weld-free assembly

From installation and stacking, to adding shelters and standard accessories, the fully modular WrkBox® is bolted together onsite with no welding required.

Safe & compliant

Designed to maintain structural integrity and safety even when customised. Engineered to AS/NZS standards and manufactured to strict ISO standards.

Engineered for tough conditions

Made in Australia from heavy duty structural steel and corrugated iron to withstand heat, cold and storms – built to withstand winds of over 180km/h!

Add on Allshelter® fabric shelters

Easily mount any standard Allshelter® fabric shelter to create a structurally engineered covered storage or workspace of any size – bolt on, no welding.

Engineered for quality

The WrkBox® meets strict Australian Standards for your safety, compliance and peace of mind:

Design specifications

Matching the height and lengths of standard shipping containers, with a generous 3.31m width to maximise internal space, the WrkBox® can be customised to any application. Choose a standard size or a custom size (in any combination of 3m increments).

Length options Width Height Container equivalent
6 metres 3.31m 2.89m 20’ shipping container
12 metres 3.31m 2.89m 40’ shipping container
18 metres 3.31m 2.89m
24 metres 3.31m 2.89m

Structural steel frames, bolt-together, short lengths for easy handling, heavy-duty grey coating.

External cladding:
Corrugated iron, roof (0.48mm), walls (0.42mm)

Customise and accessorise to suit you

The WrkBox® is equipped for a range of standard and third party modifications including:

Standard accessories

Personnel access doors

Aluminium frame windows

Corrugated iron roller door
(2.8m wide, automatic option)

Side openings
(2.8m wide)

Third party options include:

Line or clad internal walls onsite

Install cable trays and services

Roof is equipped to install solar panels

Add light towers and poles for CCTV etc

Decking, custom fitouts and more

NOTE: To maintain structural integrity, a maximum of 50% of the WrkBox® bays can be opened or customised, and applied to one side only. We can assist with accessory specifications.

Contact us for a quote or questions

To learn more about protecting your people, business and assets with your own customised WrkBox®, call our shelter experts on 1800 90 8888 or email sales@allshelter.com.au

Protecting people & assets since 1999

Allshelter® is a proudly Australian owned and run family business leading the way in shelter design, engineering and manufacture for the mining, construction and industrial sectors. For two decades, Allshelter® has consistently delivered industry firsts from Australia’s first container shelter concept through to cyclone rated and towable shelters. You can expect the same exceptional quality and service from the WrkBox® .

With a highly-trained team of 40+ specialists including structural engineers and shelter experts, you can rely on us to protect your people, and business.

Protecting the very best

From Rio Tinto and BHP, to John Holland, Australian Lamb and hundreds more, businesses large and small from a diverse range of industries trust Allshelter® to protect their people and assets. Our business is protecting yours.